About Children’s Ministries

At Path Church, our children’s ministries value introducing kids and their families to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their walk with Him.  This is accomplished through corporate worship and prayer times, Bible stories, games that teach, servant opportunities, camp/retreats, outreach events, American Heritage Girls, Royal Rangers, and more! Knowing how important family is to speaking into the lives of children we value empowering parents with different skills and information that are useful for helping raise children in the this ever-changing world that we live in.   We do this through a variety of channels such as our Tuesday Tidbits, a weekly Facebook post where we recap the week’s previous lesson to help you have continuing conversations at home. We also have Parent Empowerment Workshops where guest speakers are invited to speak on a wide variety of different topics that families have to deal with; two recent workshops were on Internet Safety and Talking About the Birds & the Bees. To help round out your experience we have Home Fellowship Groups that operate on a rotating basis.  These are incredible opportunities where families and children connect outside the four walls of the church at either someone’s home or other venue that is conducive; one Home Fellowship Group recently met in a park where six to seven families had an incredible time of fellowship and growing. Everything we do has one primary mission, to connect children and families with the path to Jesus… For more information on the different ministry areas here we invite you to checkout the descriptions and pictures below.  For any further information you may contact Pastor Ryan @ 541.664.3353.

Nursery (Ages 0-2) Parents and little ones alike will feel comfortable in our recently redesigned nursery space, great care has been taken to ensure a clean, open and friendly environment.  With the addition of a number of new windows parents need not worry about never being able to check in on their little ones. *We do ask you employ your best ninja skills when checking in on your little ones, often times seeing mom or dad again after the check-in process can re-spark a case of mommy or daddyosis of Biblical proportions.  Moms can also take advantage of our private room for nursing mothers which is just off the main lobby, the service is streamed into the room on a television so you never have to miss a moment of what God is doing.
Preschool (Age 3 – Grade K)  & Children’s Church (Grades 1 – 5) Is it possible to learn about Jesus and have a great time doing it?  Absolutely!  After children graduate out of the nursery they step into a world where our primary mission is to excite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion into the heart of every child towards the things of God.  We do this through exciting object lessons, games that teach, memory verse challenges and more!